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Gate Installations Perth WA

Whether residential or commercial, every property needs a gate to control and monitor access. Not only do gates improve security, but they also add to the value of your property. For this purpose, Top Deck Carpentry offers reliable and durable gate installation in Perth.

We have a qualified and experienced team of professionals to design and install residential and commercial gates.  As professional gate manufacturers we only use high-quality material to craft tailored and custom gates. We strive to provide long-lasting gate installations that can endure Western Ausr weather and adhere to industry standards. You can trust us for commercial and residential gates in Perth.

Quality Gate Installation Services in Perth

Are you looking for top-quality services for gate installation? Top Deck Carpentry is the company for all your gate installation needs. Whether you need experts to install gates for residences or sturdy gates for your business premises, we do it all.

We aim to design and install gates that are customised to your specific requirements. From designing and conceptualisation to creation, fabrication and installations, as gate installer and gate makers in Perth we will help you every step of the way. Our team of experts for gate installation use top-quality materials to craft different sizes and styles of gates. All our installation services for commercial and residential gates are available at highly competitive prices.

Custom Designed Gates for Your Residential Property

Residential gates are important to ensure security and monitor access. Whether your property is big or small or you need a sliding, swinging gate, side gate installation or even access gates in Perth, Top Deck Carpentry is the company you should reach out to. A gate installation will not only provide security but will also increase the value of your property.

We offer reliable residential customised gate installation and our team of professionals understands your requirements for house gates in Perth and provide a custom-designed gate for your residential property. We will take care of everything from designing, fabrication to installation. Our tailored services for residential gates are available at affordable rates.

Wide Range of Commercial & Residential Gates Installation Perth

With the advancement in technology, even in gate installation, we find a variety of improvements such as more protection, more control, and better fitting. These improvements not only make life easier but secure too. Consider a security gate with automated opening and closing systems. This investment provides additional security for your home and family, adds a decorative touch to your home exterior and augments its resale value. 

We at Top Deck Carpentry provide robust and high-quality gates to Western Australia. Our designs are tailored to meet the requirements of both residential and commercial purposes. Our services include timber roof repair, timber ceiling lining, timber pergolas patios, timber gates in Perth, full gate installation, screen walls and gates and handyman services throughout Western Australia.

Apart from a variety of designs, we can also arrange to automate the gates for you. Automated gates have the benefit of opening and closing them from the comfort of your vehicles and other access areas. We can also design them in a way that they match up to your fences. 

Apart from residential gates, we provide security gates for commercial purposes. These security gates in WA are available in various light, medium and heavy-duty materials. We have developed an enviable reputation as the best commercial gate installation service provider. Our exceptional customer service well supports our outstanding products. We have worked with various businesses, from real estate developers to mining industries.

All our projects were completed on time, and we have always delivered high-quality products at affordable prices.

Aluminium Gate Installation Perth

We can design manual and automatic gates and install them according to your needs and budget. Many customers prefer aluminium gates as they are lightweight, easy to operate and are durable. The aluminium gates are weather-resistant and can withstand the sun, wind and rain. 

Even though aluminium is less dense than steel, many customers prefer it as it is cost-effective, available in various designs, and does not require any extra coating or sealant. We at Top Deck Carpentry offer unique and durable aluminium gate designs that are custom built for every application. Our innovative gate designs are made with high-quality aluminium. We use the latest technology to design these gates to augment the exterior of your homes and provide ample security. 

Our aluminium gates can be powder coated in different hues to match your home or business. In fact, you can make it more stylish by giving it a rustic timber gate appearance. Not only style but we ensure that you get the best quality too. Thus our team of experts adhere to all industry protocols while designing and installing commercial and residential gates. Our positive reviews, efficient customer service and outstanding products have made us the best residential and commercial gate providers in Perth. 

We understand that installing a gate in your home is more than just aesthetics; it is one of the main components of your home’s security. Therefore, it is wise to trust only the gate manufacturers in Perth.

If you are looking for professional services that you can trust, choose us. Our affordable services and commitment to customer satisfaction have made us one of the most preferred choices for gate installation in Perth. Whether it is side gate installation or custom-designed gates, we are your ultimate destination. Our experienced gate installers give 100% attention to every small detail, ensuring your home’s optimal safety.  

Check out our range of gates that not only fit your needs but also match your fencing design.

Sliding Gate Installation Perth

We at Top Deck Carpentry are the most reliable gate designers,  suppliers and gate installers. We supply manual and automatic sliding gates in Perth. If you are looking for sliding gates for your home,  or commercial space, then you are at the right place. Our sliding gates are a great combination of style, security and convenience. Installing a sliding gate makes it easier for you to get in and keep unwanted elements out. 

Check out our range of sliding gates for your home and businesses. 

We offer a comprehensive range of elegant and trendy gates for your property in Western Australia. Sliding gates are a preferred option if there is limited space on your property. These gates can be closed quickly to prevent people who try to invade your property. We at Top Deck Carpentry understand your requirements, and due to our timely delivery and high-quality service are preferred by all.

We fully assess all the options to provide you with a gate that not only keeps your property safe but also augments the value of your home. You can choose from various styles, colours and design options available with us. We assure you that the result would perfectly blend with the look and style of your home.

If you require a power-sliding gate, we will analyse both the interior and exterior of your home and design a gate that meets all the requirements aesthetically and from a security perspective.

Check our latest sliding gate designs, all of which are weather-resistant, rust-proof and robust to withstand the test of time.

Driveway Gate Installation Perth

At Top Deck Carpentry, we custom design and supply high-quality driveway gates in Perth. These custom designed gates in Western Australia are durable and provide safety and security to your homes. We specialise in residential and commercial driveway gates. Our designed gates are in demand as they are made of high-quality material. 

These custom gates in Western Australia are robust and fixed firmly to the hinges to provide you with maximum security. We offer various types of driveway gates, such as swing gates that swing outward or inward on hinge posts, sliding gates that use a ground-mounted track to move, and automatic gates that use electrically powered mechanisms to open or close. We also offer complete installation of sliding driveway gates and automatic driveway gates.  These gates can be customised as per your preferences and requirements.

You have the option to choose from a wide range of styles, colours and materials to suit your home or business and budget. Our quality driveway gates add value to your homes and provide security and convenience. Automatic driveway gates provide you with the convenience of staying inside your vehicle while the gates open or close.

Our driveway gates are affordable. To know more about the various styles and design options available with us, just call us, and we would be happy to assist you. 

Electric Gate Installation Perth

Your home or commercial property isn’t complete without an elegant and robust gate. In addition, it’s vital that you choose a gate that not only provides security but enhances the atheistic appeal of your home or business. Why settle for less when you can get world-class electric gates at affordable prices.

Electric gates or automatic gates have many benefits that make them so popular. At Top Deck Carpentry, we design gates that are powered by electricity or solar power. These gates are safe for kids and pets. They provide a strong sense of security and are attractive too. 

Available in various colours and sizes, these gates are your first line of defence that protects you from unwanted visitors. These are becoming popular and are available with the latest technological enhancements. We also provide fence panels, double gates, aluminium gates, pedestrian gates and more. Call us, and we will help you choose from our latest range of electric gates.

Automatic Gate Installation Perth

Automated gates provide security and safety for your homes and commercial property. These access-controlled gates can be closed when not in use. It minimises the entry of unwanted visitors. We at Top Deck Carpentry install automated gates at homes and private properties. These add value to your homes and make them look classy and elegant. Also, opening and shutting the gate becomes easy as you can easily control this gate using an automated access control system.

We provide automatic gate installation for swinging and sliding gates too. You can choose the material, colour and style of the gate to suit your property or commercial project. When you share your requirements with us, our team understands your needs and preferences and offers sound advice so that you can choose the best for your residence or commercial property.

We are leaders in fixing and designing automated gates, and our invaluable experience shows in our work. We work directly with homeowners and builders in and around Perth. We ensure that the fitting of the gate is accurate, and you get flawless and good quality gates at an affordable price. Using our useful tips, you can make better decisions and select the best gate that caters to your needs.

So just reach out to us using our online form, and we will get back to you in no time.

Why Choose Us For Residential Gates Installation in Perth?

  • We provide a comprehensive range of services for gate installation in Perth.
  • Our team consists of highly experienced and well-trained professionals.
  • Our residential gates in Perth are sturdy and well-designed.
  • We can tailor solutions to your specific needs. Our experts can craft gates in different sizes and styles. From sliding gates to swinging gates- we do it all.
  • We pride ourselves on using top-quality material to deliver durable results.
  • Our team works effectively and efficiently with minimum disruption.
  • We adhere to industry standards and guidelines.
  • We offer our expert services at affordable prices without any hidden costs.
  • Our friendly team can advise you regarding everything from the best material to suitable gate designs and innovative gate installations in Perth.

Do you still have questions? Get in touch with us, and we’ll try to answer them. We also provide a free, no-obligation quote.


When looking to get automatic gate installation, the cost may vary depending on the type you get. Some factors can affect the price, like the size of the gate, the location it is being installed, and if you get both the gateway and the automation system installed.

Our automatic gates give a professional polish to your homes and create an impressive impact on the visitors. These gates are quite popular for commercial properties as well.