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Timber Ceiling Linings

Top Deck Carpentry specialises in a wide range of carpentry services in Perth, WA, that cover installation and maintenance of timber lining and ceiling for commercial and residential properties. With a team of certified carpenters in Perth, WA, with years of experience in the industry, we guarantee work done to the highest standard.

We install prefinished ceiling lining boards to flatter any kind of indoor or outdoor space. We use top-quality natural timber that’s sustainably grown and easy to work with. It is UV-treated for protection against harmful UV rays, hence, prolonged life.

Before we start out, we make sure to create a proper plan and run it by you so that you know how the project will progress and how the end results are going to be.

Timber Ceiling Lining in Perth

The addition of timber ceiling lining to your kitchen or conservatory can spark instant elegance and modern appeal.

Top Deck Carpentry could be your go-to service provider if you want your timber lining boards in Perth, WA, to be perfect and installed to the highest standard.

We can handle even the most intricate projects, as we have worked on ceilings of all sizes and architectural variations – even the ones with awkward angles and shapes. Our carpenters in Perth, WA, could work on such projects in their sleep, but rest assured they will be really attentive and careful on the job. Post-installation, we also apply a high-quality sealant to make sure your ceiling looks fabulous for years to come.

Timber Ceiling Lining Boards & Panels in Perth

We offer you an extensive choice of ceiling lining boards and timber lining boards in Perth, WA. Whether you want to see Tasmanian Oak, French Oak Cedar, Jarrah, gloss wood range or white finishes on your ceiling, we can source the kind of timber that best meets your taste and budget preference.

We can advise on several other features, such as insulation and lighting, which go on to help your ceiling shine better.

If you have specific requirements for your Perth, WA, home, we can definitely help you with that. All you need to do is make one phone call or leave us a message.

Why Choose Us for Timber Ceiling Lining in Perth?

If you want your home to have a warm and cozy appeal, timber ceiling lining is an excellent way to do that. Timber ceiling tiling is similar to exterior sheeting in that it uses natural panels to cover inside walls or interior ceilings to create an inviting atmosphere. It is also wonderful to paint plaster walls or wallpaper for standing out, and it produces a warm, inviting feel in the process.

We have one of the most comprehensive and diversified portfolios of low-maintenance timber ceiling lining available. Our specialists are industry specialists in timber ceiling lining, so you can relax knowing that your property is in good hands. Each stage of the process is meticulously monitored, and each part is precision machined to guarantee that you are completely satisfied.


The costs of timber ceiling will vary depending on the species and origin of the wood you use and the labour charges and installation costs. To get a clear picture of getting in touch with us through call or mail, we can give you the right estimate after we inspect the property.

The cost to fix a timber ceiling depends on the amount of damage, the time needed to repair and more. If you are looking for a quotation, then you are in the right place. We have a team of reliable professionals ready to provide you with the right quote for your repairs/replacements.

Ceiling repairs tend to be less wasteful and cost-effective than replacing the entire ceiling. With that said, it’s important to remember that sometimes you just can’t repair it and will have to replace it instead. If you’re not sure if you should opt for roof repairs or replacements, we’d love to walk you through it!